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Our focus is to add value through innovation, foresight and integrity

Guidotti Group creates settings to inspire the way people live, invest and appriciate Real Estate as key components of their investment portfolio with over seventeen years of experience in building tradition.

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First Working Process

value-added construction services

Timely Delivery of Project

innovation, foresight and integrity

Guidotti Group Ltd will institute the following key procedures: Creation of position of inventory/logistics coordinate and have at least one expeditor assigned to each project. Have a dedicated project manager for each project who can handle quality control issues and timely delivery.

We Provide The Best Construction Services

Building Construction

Guidotti Group is a leading, premium house builder dedicated to giving people a better and easier way to invest in properties. For over 17 years, we have been creating high quality homes for our customers.


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Guidotti Group will provide necessary building and facilities management services that support your Facilities and Estates under a cost-effective maintenance compliance programme.


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Architecture Design

Guidotti Group is committed to providing the highest possible level of service. You will be safeguarded as well through our Safe Home Program. Workplace personnel and practises, safety, stability and a healthy home are the four pillars that support our commitment.


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Interior Design

Guidotti Group have been there and perfected it, whether it's a whole interior design or just the greatest trim moulding you've ever seen.


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In partnership with Gomic Consortium International Ltd, we provide architectural/ engineering services and expertise to companies that require a specialised skill set. We assist clients in defining solutions to challenges or determining and recommending the best course of action for a certain undertakings.


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Hotels & Apartments

We also Provide Hospitality outfit with branches in Abuja and Edo State. We specialised in accommodation, Conferences Outdoor Catering and more.

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